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How to sleep soundly – Smoke alarm options and maintenance

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You see it on the news all the time.  A poor unsuspecting family standing out in the street, clad in Pyjamas, watching their possessions go up in flames.  All they have left is what they managed to grab under one arm and the family pet under the other. It doesn’t have to be that way and even if you do have working smoke alarms in your house there are still things you should be doing to keep your family safe.

  • Test your smoke alarm is working regularly
  • Vacuum the vents and clean the cover occasionally
  • Replace the batteries every year (If not 10yr Battery)
  • Replace your smoke alarm before it expires



Every so often there can be little issues with your alarms. Here’s some tips for fault finding…

Alarm Sounding for No Reason – Find the alarm with the red light rapidly flashing.  Press the “Hush” button to silence it. If that doesn’t work clean the alarm with a vacuum and await 10 mins.  The issue should be resolved.

Regular Single Beep – If the green power light is off check the connections and that the alarm is placed correctly on the base.

Irregular Beep – Check the connections, fill any gaps where cables enter the base so cold air doesn’t enter. Check if there is anything else on the same circuit that could be causing electrical interference. Clean the alarm with a vacuum.

Click the link for further details on fault finding and maintenance that may be useful too. Know-your-smoke-alarm



Smoke alarms are advancing with technology and Brooks Fire Products & Solutions have a number of new options out in the market.

For the deaf and hard of hearing there are now alarms with high intensity strobes and vibration pads.

See more details here Smoke Alarm Solutions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

They also have alarms with data extraction technology, allowing you to extract information and reports from your AudioLINK alarm through your smart phone. You can see information such as battery status, sensor status, alarm events and time of last event as well as the details from the previous test. All without having the remove the alarm and perfect for keeping maintenance records.

See more details here AudioLINK Data Extraction Technology

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