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Problematic Property Pole

By September 19, 2019No Comments

This week we have been dealing with a problematic property pole…

A customer at Oak Beach had their power cut off by Ergon during cable upgrades in the street. Their property pole had rusted through at the base and was being held up by the service cables.  Once the service cables were disconnected for the upgrade the pole quite literally fell over. Not the best scenario to find yourself in especially when Ergon have brought in new installation rules that make installing a new property pole a lot more complicated than it used to be. Our boys even had to get the wheelbarrows out to concrete in a foundation cage, which was something new for them. Never a dull moment at Dolphin Electrical.

As you can see from the photos positioning the concrete truck close by was a challenge as we were attempting to do as little damage to our customers beautiful tropical garden as we could manage. Man-handling the very heavy pole into place was helped by the strategic placement of a nearby wall. The Dolphin Electrical boys worked together seamlessly to the get the job done.  The end result is a very neatly placed property pole that will stand tall for decades and power back on for our customer.

If you have a property pole for power at your house it might be worth taking a look at the condition of the pole so you do not find yourself in a similar situation.

Contact us if your property pole needs an upgrade