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What colour are my lights?

By October 11, 2019No Comments

If you have ever been asked the question by an electrician “What colour would you like your lights to be?” it would seem the most obvious answer would be white right?  Well, not exactly. Like shades of white paint there are also shades of white when it comes to LED lighting.

Most people have a personal preference.  They either like to have a crisp white colour called cool white or a softer white colour known as warm white.  If you are changing from old style halogen lighting and you haven’t ever had LED lights at your property it may be harder for you to determine your preference. The below photos can give you a guide as to how the different colours might look.

The brilliant thing about the latest technology in LED lighting is a number of manufacturers are now producing LED down lights as a Tri-Colour fitting.  This means they make the light with three different colour options all in the one fitting and your installing electrician can set the colour to your preference. You will then have the option of Cool White, Warm White or Day light.

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